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“Oh, well I have something to show you that I think may make you feel better.” 0275 pulled two tubes out from his cloak, inside the tubes were the bodies of two creatures, pink, with feathery gills and mouths like blow dryers. 0275 explained “these may look like mutants but they are not, they’re a completely natural breed of salamander and they once lived in a nation known as Mexico, now there is no Mexico, and these creatures are incredibly rare, extinct in the wild, I have broken international and interplanetary law to get these two, one of the last breeding pairs in the solar system, these tubes keep them in suspended animation so that I can get them to a place where they can thrive. Mexico isn’t a nation anymore but it is a land and I will get them to that land after we defeat the tenebris, so that such a vulnerable and valuable creature can live on.”


Scarlet looked at them.She wanted to touch them, like she would with a cat when she was young, but her arms were weapons now, she had to hold back. Scarlet said “Are these creatures… important.”

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